Voyage Jazz Group

Voyage Jazz Group consists of five musicians, well known for their contribution in Greek jazz scene for the last twenty years. The group’s leader is percussionist Alex Christidis (principal percussionist of Athens State Orchestra).

Voyage Jazz Group combines elements of jazz, afro-cuban and world music in general, as well as Greek traditional music. All these influences lead to concerts of high art standards.

The band has performed with success in numerous concert stages in Greece, such as Athens Concert Hall, HELEXPO in Thessaloniki, and various conservatories and theaters.

Voyage Jazz Group’s 2012 program includes not only music composed by the group’s members bus also a tribute to Black American Spirituals, with Gospel, and Blues songs, as well as sacred music compositions by famous Jazz musicians, such as George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, et al.

Voyage Jazz Group has successfully presented various programs and special tributes of great diversity such as “The Great American Songbook (Porter, Gershwin..)”, “Sacred Music Project”, “Around Jazz in 80 minutes”, “Tribute to Manos Hadjidakis”. Voyage Jazz Band uses jazz as its base and explore all exciting other music styles such as swing, bebop, latin, pop, blues, bossa, funk etc. Their newest project is called “Rhythms of the world”; it is a musical journey throughout all influential 20th century popular rhythms (African, Mediterranean, Brazilian, Latin American rhythms…). It will be presented the 20th of January of 2013 at Megaro Mousikis Concert Hall in Athens.

Photos from deferent projects

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